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04:05 video


released December 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Blacksmoker Würzburg, Germany


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Track Name: Rupture
never quite so tall never quite reached the edge brooding eyes on every wall searching for the perfect match shapeless world of dreams above and beyond it knows he is coming taste it feel it you got nothing more to give taste it feel it this is how you want to live the shit we do to make us whole can break a tear but not a chain and the river flows it flows and it flows faintly designated questioning all purpose thoughtful contemplated all it takes to end this shapeless world of dreams above and beyond it knows he is coming
Track Name: Herorizer
woke up this morning to another day in hell i’m staring at the ceiling but it ain’t got nothing to tell tomorrow everything will change i’m gonna turn around the wheel or i’ll just wait a bit longer until later becomes never blood shot eyes beauty comes in many colors guess what surprise it still feels empty inside tomorrow everything will change i’m gonna turn around the wheel i’ll just wait a bit longer until later becomes never again
Track Name: Ouroboros 68
what do you mean this can’t be true deactivate or is this the end of fucking everything can’t you sense the change in the air we’ve come so far don’t you see we’re almost there ouroboros 68 seizing control hosts are in denial divided by nations sanctioned annihilation priority acknowledged cleansing this sphere no contradictions orders are clear ouroboros 68 initiate we ignored all warnings time forgot to care but is this the only way let’s reconcile with fate can’t you sense the change in the air it’s not today don’t you see it’s not meant to fail bring forward the reaper but least we saw not all were flawed shadows grow deeper and now you know who’s in control conquer repeat fallen deceit revolt revolt the end has only just begun
Track Name: Huntress
shadows fall across the fields redemption city spreads it`s wings battery acid from the tab see the end come down all systems go the hand of doom will grab yours soon the road to ruin the path to hell no stone unturned no wishing well the unseen foe unleashed his dogs an uphill battle to the death falling apart drenched in blood the sky will open your human shield is not much worth a problem child since the date of birth the sky will open you will see the sky will open n
Track Name: Neglect
re you really this lost all you ever wanted is right in front of you it draws you in forced into a distance did it really get the best you yes the balance shifted but that’s just what it’s supposed to do i’m never really here i’m never really gone i’m somewhere in between but i hope that one day i`ll be found far beyond it almost felt real i’m somewhere in between and i hope that one day i’ll be found i never asked for this purge my mind and take what’s left you’re frozen in time can’t move forward and you can’t go back surrounded by decay it almost seems like you want to stay acceptance is a bitter pill to swallow how can you lead when you can’t even
follow what did it taste like nothing matters what did it smell like nothing matters
Track Name: Undefeated
ere we stand again opposite of the river along with everything we’ve got why the fuck i’m covered in ashes no wait a minute that’s not right i felt a million clashes planets and a kiss good night corroded unstable try to think not able there’s little more to gain i lost the key i am to blame grind it harder make it darker no matter what you do no matter what you say it’s just what i needed cause in the end i stand undefeated
Track Name: Dark Harvest
until we lined up until we bowed oceans of choices still made it somehow yes we lost many and more are to come all need to leave one by one follow obey consume swallow look again my friend and you will see it’s not what it’s used to be they want us all to disappear dark harvest drawing near there is no future in the past ride the now until it lasts dark harvest call out your gods it’s all part of the plan hope loves to die in the palm of your hands the law of cycles takes us deeper down the spiral repent believe betrayed deceived it’s here it’s real and no one cares watch it burn oh sweet despair and then you realize one day you’re not the hunter you are the prey they want us all to disappear
Track Name: Pariah
we are the last division riders of the storm once we were legend standing strong and drinking fire pariah nobody remembers how it happened time stood still a new reality right in front of me twisted by nature such a beautiful creature somewhere somehow i never wanted this i lost my way so long ago chaos surrounds me behold this is what you need to know so long good night i got what i want we expected so much more of you too bad fuck off i never look back never thought you were able to and everybody knows i got my pockets full of snakes i am the reason for your pain i have no time for your compassion the answer is always no but i never told you so mighty shadows give me what i need give me what i need
Track Name: Ghost
salting the wounds erasing what`s left watch the smoke of the funeral pire flash of the blade in front of our eyes voracious thoughts a storm of fire dust falls through my hands given to the wind follow the signal to lead you the way breathe me in an cough me out i am a ghost hear the sirens calling am i a ghost cold bodies warm machines i am a ghost where do we go from here i am a ghost a moment of fear to hold down the crowd the tower is watching the ceremony words of wisdom scenes of fury no one can reach him none shall defeat him breathe me in an cough me out hear the sirens calling